Diatomaceous Earth With Silica Supplement

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Powder

Over the past few years, the many benefits of diatomaceous earth have reached more people around the globe causing a dramatic increase in the popularity of diatomaceous earth supplements. Diatomaceous earth supplements contain 100% pure food grade diatomaceous earth, which is the purest form of diatomaceous earth available on the market.

History of Diatomaceous Earth Powder

If you are not aware of diatomaceous earth, DE is a talc-like powder made from the remnants of unicellular algae called diatoms. As these diatoms died out, their exoskeletons fell to the sea floor, where they became fossilized. Eventually, the fossils formed the powder we see today, which is sometimes called diatomite.

Diatomaceous Earth Supplements Side Effects

Diatomaceous earth has no negative health effects associated with it. Although it was not originally intended for human consumption, there are no known negative health effects from its’ use. Plus, unlike other supplements, excess DE is naturally removed by your body, which means you do not have to worry about overdosing.

For humans, there are many benefits to taking a diatomaceous earth supplement. Here are some of the most common health benefits of a diatomaceous earth supplement:

Complete body detox: Taking a DE supplement completely flushes the digestive tract of all toxins, parasites, and bacteria. The sharp edges of diatomaceous earth (similar to shards of glass under a microscope) scrape away these parasites and trap them inside. This allows your digestive tract to operate much more efficiently and removes these harmful toxins from your body.

Diatomaceous Earth Supplements With Silica

Improved bone health: Diatomaceous earth contains a large concentration of silica, a much needed mineral that an overwhelming amount of adults to not receive enough of each day. Silica plays a primary role in helping the body absorb calcium, which is essential for bone health. Plus, a portion of our bones is composed of silica, which is why it is important to consume enough silica. Diatomaceous earth also contains a trace amount of calcium as well, which needed for bone strength and development as mentioned just above.

Lower blood pressure and cholesterol: While the exact reason is unknown, diatomaceous earth has been proven to gradually reduce blood pressure in hypertensive adults. Likewise, diatomaceous earth has been shown to help the body remove LDL cholesterol from the body, which is the artery clogging cholesterol.

Improved hair and skin health: The silica in diatomaceous earth helps improve skin elasticity and appearance by increasing collagen production. Your hair also needs silica to maintain strength and silica helps hair growth healthy and thicker.

These are just some of the many benefits of diatomaceous earth. There are plenty of benefits to taking DE supplements, which you can experience if you decide to try one for yourself.

If you decide to try a DE supplement, you should take about 1/4th of a cup per day to start. You can gradually increase your dose if you so please, although you do not need to do so. You can take DE with food or water, but you should make sure to drink the DE before it takes time to settle and thicken.

DE supplements are incredibly beneficial to your health and can be exactly what you need to improve your health. No matter how healthy you feel now, you can always improve your health – so consider adding a DE supplement and improve your health now and down the road.

Types of Diatomaceous Earth

Types of Diatomaceous Earth Supplements

There are two major forms of diatomaceous earth – food grade and industrial. The industrial use is mainly for filtration purposes and is NOT for human consumption. In its industrial form it can be used for pool products, paints, chemicals insecticides and other commericial uses. However the type that is good for consumption for humans, called Food Grade diatomaceous earth, is considered one of the best supplements for good health. That is because it contains silica, an ingredient essential for human and animal survival.

Diatomaceous earth is essentially the remains of single celled phytoplankton (water plants) called diatoms that are found all over the world. As a food supplement it never goes bad as long as it is kept dry. It is EPA approved for internal and external use. As an all-natural supplement, it has no known toxic side-effects and is associated with many positive health restoration and preservation results.


Food Grade diatomaceous earth is a type highly praised as a natural and safe way to combat internal parasites in people in animals. It is safe to use during pregnancy and when nursing. This type of diatomaceous earth is also linked to a whole variety of other positive health benefits, such as better hair, nails and healthier skin. These positive effects have been observed in animals as well, so many people purchase diatomaceous earth for their pets! Even plants can benefit from diatomaceous earth as it is a natural insecticide that kills pests without having any negative effects on the plants themselves.

Other positive health benefits associated with diatomaceous earth include detoxification of the body from unhealthy toxins like mercury, viruses, drug residues and common causes of intestinal infections. It is also known to fade age spots, lower bad cholesterol, raise energy levels, improve lung functioning, suppress coughing, and prevent premature aging.

All of these benefits are the result of having sufficient silica in your system. Silica itself comes in two types, the kind contained in diatomaceous earth and a kind known as orthosilicic acid or “organic silica.” It is best if you can get both of these types on a regular basis. The two can be obtained in a combined form with Silapure Silica Supplement, which gives you two in one and spares the inconvenience and expense of seeking out both separately. Silapure Silica Supplement is the easiest, safest and least troublesome means of guaranteeing that you get adequate amounts of both types of silica so that you get all of the positive benefits from this amazing food supplement.


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Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Health Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Disease and illnesses of every kind are so very common in society today. Many members of our population have a health related issue that affects them every day. Our bodies are not only aging faster than ever before but there is an increasing trend toward sickness and obesity that cannot be ignored.

One major cause of this decline in human health is the lack of proper nutrition. The soil has been depleted of essential nutrients and minerals. This depletion leaves the food we eat with fewer available nutrients for us to consume. Silica, the hydrocarbonated form of Silicon, is very valuable to enhance human health, yet there is a distinct lack of it in our diets.

Diatomaceous Earth does not contain absorbable silica but contains inorganic silica that is useful for cleaning and regulating the digestive tract. By maintaining the digestive tract with Diatomaceous Earth, organic silica known as Orthosilicic Acid is more readily absorbed and utilized by the body.

Silica is necessary for the assimilation of many vital nutrients and minerals. Calcium has been shown to be better absorbed and utilized for strengthening bone and tooth enamel in the presence of silica. Silica leads to a reduction of osteoporosis and reduces the time considered necessary to heal bone fractures. By enhancing the strength of tooth enamel, silica helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

The silica found in Silapure has anti-aging properties as well. As we age, our ability to absorb silica declines leaving us short on this important nutrient. Silica boosts the production of collagen. Collagen gives skin a firm, smooth appearance and increases its elasticity. It strengthens and repairs hair leaving it with a shiny, healthy look.

Most importantly, a silica supplement such as Silapure acts as a detoxifying agent for the body at the cellular level. Our bodies are exposed to toxins everyday: in the foods we eat, in the air we breathe and the chemicals we come in physical contact with. These toxins lodge in our bodies, slowly weakening our immune systems and making us sick. Silica’s honeycomb structure allows it to easily capture toxins and escort them safely out of the body. The micronized silica found in Silipure is a systemic cleaner, eliminating toxins at the cellular level and promoting overall good health.


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