Types of Diatomaceous Earth

Types of Diatomaceous Earth Supplements

There are two major forms of diatomaceous earth – food grade and industrial. The industrial use is mainly for filtration purposes and is NOT for human consumption. In its industrial form it can be used for pool products, paints, chemicals insecticides and other commericial uses. However the type that is good for consumption for humans, called Food Grade diatomaceous earth, is considered one of the best supplements for good health. That is because it contains silica, an ingredient essential for human and animal survival.

Diatomaceous earth is essentially the remains of single celled phytoplankton (water plants) called diatoms that are found all over the world. As a food supplement it never goes bad as long as it is kept dry. It is EPA approved for internal and external use. As an all-natural supplement, it has no known toxic side-effects and is associated with many positive health restoration and preservation results.


Food Grade diatomaceous earth is a type highly praised as a natural and safe way to combat internal parasites in people in animals. It is safe to use during pregnancy and when nursing. This type of diatomaceous earth is also linked to a whole variety of other positive health benefits, such as better hair, nails and healthier skin. These positive effects have been observed in animals as well, so many people purchase diatomaceous earth for their pets! Even plants can benefit from diatomaceous earth as it is a natural insecticide that kills pests without having any negative effects on the plants themselves.

Other positive health benefits associated with diatomaceous earth include detoxification of the body from unhealthy toxins like mercury, viruses, drug residues and common causes of intestinal infections. It is also known to fade age spots, lower bad cholesterol, raise energy levels, improve lung functioning, suppress coughing, and prevent premature aging.

All of these benefits are the result of having sufficient silica in your system. Silica itself comes in two types, the kind contained in diatomaceous earth and a kind known as orthosilicic acid or “organic silica.” It is best if you can get both of these types on a regular basis. The two can be obtained in a combined form with Silapure Silica Supplement, which gives you two in one and spares the inconvenience and expense of seeking out both separately. Silapure Silica Supplement is the easiest, safest and least troublesome means of guaranteeing that you get adequate amounts of both types of silica so that you get all of the positive benefits from this amazing food supplement.


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